Distribution Solution

Distribution is always play an important part in the back end of every retail business, because without a proper distribution, your business is facing a risk of inventory shortage or late delivery. This is not only about having a big warehouse with large logistic fleet. The most important thing that usually missed in this business is a good system to support it. Some off the shelf solution have major features for logistic system but lack of inventory, some other have a great inventory but too complex to setup, not to mention the high pricing.

Based on our experience in developing and supporting integrated retail system, we build our complete solution for distribution business, SPIN. It is easy to deploy, setup and run. This is because we applied the features those are really significant to distribution business, therefore it is easy to implement and go live in no time.

Some major features are complete Master Data, Purchasing, Inventory and Sales modules with many option available. We understand that most of the users need practical features as what they do in paper work or manual system, so we develop SPIN to fulfill what our users expected. We also keep our system up to date with the development in the distribution sector as well as the latest technology for the next version of our solution.

Mostly, distribution system has only operational features and lack of financial part. Since we understand, that double input in separated system could lead to data inaccuracy and unreliable financial reports, we created financial module FAST that could be easily integrated to SPIN. FAST provide complete features for finance and accounting staff to process operational data from SPIN into financial reports. As a result, it will shorten the time for monthly reporting cycle. You can implement both system altogether with reasonable pricing. Just contact our business representative today.