F & B Solution

Apart of retail, there is also food and beverages (F&B) business who needs reliable POS system. With intense experience, Datadigi create a POS product that is special designed for F&B busines, so this is not just an recycled application from existing retail POS. With this complete solution, our clients will get an order taking module running on POS machine or Android tablet, billing POS, queuing module and kitchen display module. The system will also directly print to separate kitchen based on the menu categories after posting orders.

With capability to run in multiple food stores, the POS system will synchronize daily transaction data to our back office system, Divipro using cloud, as well as providing online dashboard for management reporting. Of course, we always considering ease of use when designing our solution, so the we can make the implementation time shorter. The application has simple UI/UX that make the user easy to understand.

Our POS solution now also available in Android version, so it’s a great opportunity for small food business to implement our low cost integrated solution, in order to benefit from the flexibility of cloud dashboard and reporting system. Therefore, we are not only providing application to support the operational department, but also for the needs of the management to make a better decision.

Please contact our representative for product presentation so will get more idea in order to make your business entering the digital era.