Retail Solution

Datadigi has long experience in providing solution for retail business integrated information system. With more than ten thousand installation all over Indonesia, Datadigi is a one prominent local retail ISV as well as system integrator. We have our own dedicated development and support team to ensure that we will always be able to fulfill our clients’ requirements.

RACE, as we knew has already in the market for more than 10 years in more than ten thousand installation of hundreds of clients. Its simple interface and user friendly feature has helped our clients in managing their business and keep it growing.

Today, in accordance to the advancement of technology, we created a new retail system based on our experience in many projects. Divipos is a new retail application that using the advantages of cloud computing for synchronization with the back office application, Divipro. The front-end application of Divipos will be able to run offline, so it’s not necessary to stop the transaction even though there is no connection. Automatic synchronization between front-end and back-end, as well as to the back office/head office which can be adjusted to network condition. This is only one feature of many advancement that utilize current technology. All of this is also accompanied with its ease of use so it will not take a long time to deploy and implement in our clients stores.

By using the cloud as a synchronization tools, we also have additional advantage to provide our clients with web dashboard and reporting, so management team or even owner can see daily reports almost real-time anywhere. With this, the decision about sales, promotion, inventory control can be done a lot more faster.

If you need a presentation or demo of our complete solution, please contact our representative today.